Saturday, February 4, 2012

It's amazing chilly in this tropical country of mine; hence, it's a chance for people to get that jacket out of the closet and wear a bit more layers than the usual. It's only a chance to get the sniffles (like me!)

Anyhoo, since I was feeling rather badly yesterday, I decided to bundle up and dress up a bit.


1. Gray leopard print scarf from DV; 2. Tally Ho shirt from Bangladesh 3. Jeggings (P270) from The Landmark;
4. Studded ankle booties Juan by Janilyn (P999, I got it on sale!!!)

Ahahaha. This may look like a typical outfit in other places; but like I said, I live in a tropical country. Here in the 7,107 Islands of the Philippines, we only get to enjoy the cold breeze come January-February. The rest of the year is all sun and rain.

I also braided a part of my bangs and clipped it to the sides since I've been planning to that to for a while now. What sucks is that I have a lot of baby hair and they kept on sticking up.

Anyway, don't you just love the Tally Ho shirt? I got that for a bargain! The shirt is from Bangladesh and it cost me just P150 (that's roughly 3 USD)
Also, if you noticed, I took my pictures in a fitting room. My room has poor lighting and I really didn't want to waste the opportunity to take a picture. Bwahahaha. Of course, I had to have something to fit so I could use the fitting room, right? So I saw these boyfriend shirt type tops and I decided to take those to the fitting room. It was amazing that one of the shirts I tried out costs only P140 (again, roughly 3 USD) . Obviously I bought that one.

Oh goodness, temptations, temptations.

I also got some stuff from Terranova today. I will post a picture soon enough.

i should seriously stop being tempted so much. I'm turning into a shoppaholic.
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