Sunday, May 27, 2012

Feeding my addiction

Due to the amount of energy I have to consume when working, I have lost the time to read actual books.

Although, I am only stressing on time to read; I have all the time to buy books. I actually have a lot still in their bags (whether paper or plastic) where I got them.

Of course buying books requires one to spend, and spending leaves one a little less riches than before. In my case, I've been spending on books which I have not found the time to read.

For this year, I am pretty much on a tight budget because I'm juggling with paying for 4 gadgets. Hence, I usually weigh things out if I'll be buying a book or just get a copy when I actually have the cash to spare.

Most of the time the statement, "I'll just buy you some other time" is the constant winner with my internal battles.

I love books. I seriously, seriously, seriously love them. So it usually breaks my heart that when I enter a bookstore I am unable to buy what I want.

Then came along my iPad, Juno --

Yes, that is Nura Rikuo in his night form. I am currently fangirling over him!

Juno is a 16gb wi-fi only iPad2. I had no need for an iPad 3 (or the new iPad). On the side note, if they call the iPad3 "the new iPad" what the fuck are they gonna call the next one after? The new iPad 2? Seriously?!

All I wanted is a tablet where I can play my games, load my ebooks, and read my manga. I had no need for 3G either since we have wi-fi here at home and for most of the places I go to.

Ever since I got Juno, my love for reading came back and I have been planning hoarding books from here and there.

Unfortunately, due to the internet filtering thing, the amount of trusted places where I get my ebooks have either been deleted or are deleting the materials themselves.

Although, I do understand why they have to do that; it just gets really frustrating when I really want to read something but I cannot leach it off of the internet.

However, if there's a will, there's a way had become my mantra.

I currently have 100+ ebooks at my disposal and I am adding more when I find them from my usual resources. I am lucky enough to have friends that are bookworms like I am, so I have other sources to help me feed my addiction.

You can check out my bookshelf (be it virtual or physical books) via Goodreads or you can check out the list of ebooks I have through here.

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