Monday, May 28, 2012

Review: Naruto SD - Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden

LOL. I'm sorta "reviewing" episode 8, which means I skipped blabbing about the 7 episodes prior. Mwahaha. I was actually hoping to blab about this but I'm pretty much a lazy person.

So have seen up to episode 8 (should I refer to it as episode or chapter? since there are two episodes in one chapter. Ok, I'll stick with episode).

I forgot where I first saw this, but this is the only show I watch constantly this Spring 2012 line-up (Fairy Tail doesn't count since it's not a new show.).

Anyway, if you didn't know, Naruto SD Rock Lee is a spin-off series of the show Naruto. This one's light hearted but informative at the same time. By informative, I mean if you have stopped watching the original Naruto series (which I did), you would still know who da fuq they are talking about because they delve on who a certain character is in the main series).

Now depending on the episode, an episode may focus on one character or an episode may focus on two different characters per part. It depends.

The show mainly focuses on humor. It's pretty much a hit or miss thing. Personally, the start of part 1 of Episode 1 was funny so I continued laughing and watching. Unfortunately, watching Lee evade golden shitpoo get a tab bit boring and irritating. The episode 1 was saved because of part 2, when they showed the rivalry between Lee and Naruto. Seeing Lee try using jutsu, albeit, he actually can't use it was hilarious (imagine him trying to recreate Naruto's sexyjutsu).

Pros: Funny. Light. Watch Neji make a fool out of himself.
Cons: Humor can be a bit dry and trying hard art times.
Will I continue to watch this?: Hell yes! I need to see more Neji!!!
Recommendations: I recommend people to watch this one if you are curious about Naruto but would rather not watch the main series.
Rating: because moe Neji compensates for everything.

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