Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What I did not expect

Blogging from my iPad, Juno. I'm still disappointed that I can't find a Blogspot app for Blackberry. Pfft.

Anyway, today is pay your bills day. Lucky me, I still have a few pesos to spare.

I've passed by the L.A. Colors kiosk at the mall a number of time; however, I have not actually stopped to check on what they offer.

Trolling around the net, I have found that L.A. Colors offer quality make-up that would not hurt the budget.

I am only familiar to the world of make-up to an extent. I do not know what "value for money" is when it comes to this.

For me, if it looks and feels nice, then it's good enough for me.

I've also been meaning to buy a cotton candy colored lippie. I was supposed to buy one from Nyx (since there's also a Nyx kiosk at the mall), but I was hesitant to spend P300 for a lippie that I actually have no idea if I will conyinue to use.

So here comes L.A. Colors to save the day!

I do know that they're quiet cheap, although I never expected for the lipstick to cost just P99 (roughly $2).

So I got the lipstick in Pink Parfait (and a nude colored one as well) since I don't think I'll regret spending P99 for a lipstick (it's cheaper than the P300 one from Nyx).

I just tried it out a while ago thinking that it probably look like shit on me.

Lo' and behold, I actually liked the way it looked on my lips!

I liked the way it glided on, I was thinking that I'd end up with chapped looking lips, but I didn't.^__^v

If you're on a tight budget, you may want to try this brand out.:)

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