Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Face Shop's Club 20 VIP Card

Soooo... Like I said yesterday, I was hoping to drop by The Face Shop today so I can get their Club 20 VIP card.

AND I DID!^___^

Unlike the other Korean make-up brands wherein you have to spend a minimum purchase amount, you have to pay P150 (around $3) to get the card.

My mom's a bit peeved because the card you'll be paying for is a glossy paper card, it's not the plastic kind lile the one from Etude House.

Anyway, this is a card for you to use to get invited to exclusive skincare/make-up workshops and products launches/events. If you have this card, you get access to upcoming products, promotions and activities.

It's a card made for beauty bloggers! Hahaha.

So again, you pay P150 for this card, BUT! You get a gift pack when you get the Club 20 VIP card.

The gift pack includes the following items:

1 Real Nature Lemon face mask
A bottle of Clean Face Mild toner and a bottle of Clean Face Mild lotion
5 sample packets of E'thym Recharge Essence
5 sample packets of Natural Sun Aq Power Long Lasting Sun Cream (what a mouthful!>.<)
5 sample packets of Face It Powder Perfection BB

Please see the attached picture for visual.:)

The plastic bag containing the freebies has intructions at the back explaining the process of using the sample products. You may or may not folle the instructions, but it's a plus that it's there to guide you (especially to those who have yet to use these kinds of products).

Package also says that the samples are enough for 5 (days) usage.

I suppose it would.

The only downside is I think my Clean Face toner doesn't have anything in it. I've been shaking the bottle a number of times; however, I really don't feel or atleast hear something. Boohoo.

Any possibilities that they will replace this?

I'm to shy to ask since this is a freebie. I technically didn't buy it (although my package actually has a price tag. Haha). Pfft.

Ohyeah! Card says it's only valid until June of next year. I am unsure of the renewal process.


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