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Shopping Experience: Lioele Philippines (plus my Lioele mini haul)

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Soooo... I've been checking out reviews for Lioele products, most especially their Beyond the Solution and Triple the Solution BB creams, I instantly wanted to try them out.

Lucky for Pinays out there that Lioele has started opening physical stores. There is a boutique in Cavite (which is very far from me. Pfft) and a kiosk in Robinson's Ermita (which is also far from me). I think they have some kiosks in other places too and another one opening in Market! Market! (yes, it is said twice).

Speaking of other branches, I am lucky enough that they also have a kiosk in 168 Mall (you know? That one mall that killed Tutuban from the map? Hahaha). If you dunno where it is, well 168 Mall is the new haggler's haven in Divisoria. Albeit, still far from where I live, this is the location that I do not mind traveling to since I can also shop for other stuff when I'm there.

It took me an hour to find! Apparently I was searching for it from the wrong entrance. I was in the correct wing (Soler) but I forgot that there was another entrance and set of elevators further to the right. Eventually our helper, Michelle, told me that we passed by the kiosk the first time but I didn't notice. LOL. If you're interested to visit the kiosk, it's located in the 1st floor of the Soler wing. Look for the entrance to Robinson's Supermarket. The kiosk is to your left, infront of the exit.^__^

Now, I pretty much have an idea of how much their products cost because of their website (

I would like to point out that the prices of their samples are more expensive than from sellers online. Although, that always seems to be the case; prices from official dealers are higher than online sellers.

However, it's a bit disappointing that the sample are being sold for P45 each when brands like Etude House, Tony Moly, The Face Shop, etc give these for free (for a minimum amount). And I am not talking about 5ml mini size tubes, these are the packet samples good for 2-3 uses depending on how much you use. Online sellers would usually sell samples like these P10 cheaper (so around P30-40). Then again, I found some selling for P50 so it really depends.

So why did I buy from the kiosk if it's cheaper online??? Well, I'm already there and physically shopping is more rewarding for me than doing it online. Plus I don't have to pay any extra fees (like for GCash transactions and shipping fees). LOL.

Anyway, I just really like the feeling of actually taking something home when I go to the mall to shop.

Oh! And since the kiosk is part of the official dealership here in the Philippines, I am also disappointed that (I suppose) they are stingy with freebies? I asked the SA in the kiosk if I get any freebie for going over the P1,000 mark but sadly she just giggled and said that they don't. Errr...

I bought 2 mini size Skin79 bb creams from Charmaine of Kkochipida and I didn't even go beyond the P400 mark and yet she gave me something. EH, TM, and TFS would give you something if you buy P500 worth of their products.

I would've accepted even tissue if that's what they can give. But, nada.

Sorry, I'm ranting and I feel like I'm only after the freebies. It's just that basing from experience from other (Korean cosmetics) shops, it's quite a let down. Or maybe I'm (we're) spoiled by the other brands. Haha.

After some coaxing, the SA eventually gave me another Secret Pore Rich Balm sample for free. It was nice of her to still give me something (somewhat reluctantly) since I don't think it's standard procedure. I do hope she doesn't get in trouble if the someone from Lioele PH stumble upon this post of mine if it really isn't standard procedure.T_T

Or maybe because it's just a kiosk owned by a reseller, hence, this no-freebie policy? Who knows? I haven't been to the boutique in Cavite so maybe they have different policies?

Shouldn't they have the same standards of service?

The shopping experience is such a let down.

I was so excited to visit the kiosk because it's another chance for me to try something new. I was under the impression that it would at least look like a mini store, but it was just literally a kiosk.

The kiosk in Robinson's Ermita looked like it's a mini store, albeit, it's also just a kiosk. The one is 168 just has glass cases. No designs whatsoever. You know the display cases for cellphones in Greenhills? Yes, that's it. Sana naghanap sila ng stall diba? But no. The 168 Lioele store consists of 2 display cases with a typical seller. No uniform even. Blah.

It's most likely that the people who brought Lioele here in the Philippines really didn't mean to bring the whole franchise here like that of the other Korean cosmetics/skincare brands. What I mean is that maybe it's not the experience of shopping in a Lioele store that they chose to focus on, rather their goal is to bring the brand to our shores. That's it.

If you're expecting the feel the Korean vibe that you get from visiting EH, TM, etc; sorry, but don't count on it. No SA's in pink uniform. No freebies (haha).

I'm even weirded out that the pictures of the Lioele store in Cavite have other products not related to the brand (KB Whitening pills, anyone?). It's not really focused on just Lioele. Even the Facebook page advertises other products other than that of Lioele's.

Thanks for the effort though. At least we have "real" Lioele stores here in the PH.

The good point though is that their prices are almost the same with online sellers, actually even cheaper by at least P100 ($2) for their BB creams. 50ml of Triple the Solution BB cream is being sold for P1,150 by Lioele Philippines while the it's being sold for P1,500+ by online sellers.

Not really happy about the sampler prices, though. I'm not really sure why they can sell they full tubes of other items for a relatively cheaper price but the prices of the samplers are a teensy bit overpriced?

Today I brought home the following items:

4 sample packets of Triple the Solution BB cream (P45 each)
2 sample packets of Beyond the Solution BB cream (P45 each)
2 sample packets of Dollish Veil Vita BB (P45 each)
2 sample packets of Secret Pore Rich Balm (P45 each; the 3rd one I got for free)
1 Lioele Miniature Special Set (P640 for the set)*

*The set includes 4 5ml tubes; Lioele Fresh Sun Screen, Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base (I think she said this is no longer available, I'm not sure if I heard her right), Beyond the Solution BB cream, and Water Drop BB cream.

(See my loot in the photo below.^___^)

I also just wanted to spend just P500 because I only wanted to sample their products as I am unsure if they will work well with me. The miniature set was the one that ruined my plan since it was too good to pass on.

If you buy the BB creams individually, the 5ml tubes will cost you P250 each. Sorry, OMG lang sa price.O_O

So if I bought just those two, I would've spent P500 already.

If I do the math correctly, I must have spent P500 on the BB creams and prolly P70 each for the other 2. Or it's P160 per tube in the set.

I suppose the prices are ok; although, it's not something to rave about. The P640 I spent on the sample is justifiable since I found it being sold for $16.80 (roughly around P700+). The prices of the samplers though, uhmm, not really that good for me. If they offered to also sell the sample packets in bundles for a slightly cheaper price (3 for P100? Charot!), maybe then I would've been ok with it? They only sell them individually though.

Prices: Check (but it depends on the product)
Service: Meh. I feel like I'm just shopping in Divisoria. The 168 Kiosk is nothing out of the ordinary.
Likelyhood of visiting again: Depends. If the products work well on me, I suppose I would. But it won't be something that I would be excited about. Or I wait for online sellers to put their Lioele products in their sale bins. Haha.

Setting aside the shopping experience, I hope that the products don't disappoint! I'm really excited to try them out.:)

How about you? Have you dropped by any Lioele Philippines kiosk/shop? How was your experience?:)

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