Tuesday, August 7, 2012

WARNING: Fake Etude House Products

I was hanging out on Etude House's Facebook Page when I saw a post on their wall regarding someone selling fake Etude House items.

The packaging is fake and the items are definitely fake! Check out this album for the fake product this person  is selling.

Funny thing is that even if you have not bought any EH items, you could at least do your research. There are so many people doing reviews for Etude House that you will most likely familiarize yourself with what they offer.

Hello??? Etude House does not have Fluid Line eyeliner! Fluid Line belongs to MAC, people!

I find it incredible (and not in a good way), that there are people inquiring about the products (e.i. How many ml is it or is it still available?). Really?!

Out of curiosity, I did bother to try using fake make-up once. It was a fake MAC lipstick and I just really wanted to try it out.

Oh boy, it was a stupid attempt to do so. It was so obvious that it wasn't real. It tasted waxy and it didn't even glide the same way the cheapest drugstore brand would. AND IT BURNED MY LIPS. Swear.

I swiped it once and I felt like my lips were hurting so I immediately took it off.

If you feel like the prices of Korean drugstore make-up brands like Etude House still is much more expensive to you, then please try out the local drugstore brands we have. Our local brands like Careline, Ever Bilena, and F21 are all tested and approved to be sold in the market, LEGALLY.

It's better to use something tested and approved than to take the risk of using "authentic" products that really aren't. Please do not risk your health for the price.


I saw this seller in Sulit. Below is a screenshot of what the person is selling with their prices.

Click on the picture for a larger image.

This seller is passing off these obviously fake products are the real deal. I'm not really sure if the owner of this account and the one on Facebook is one and the same, but they are selling the same products. Same source, perhaps?

The difference is that the one in Sulit is selling the items as close to the real retail price when the one on Facebook is selling the items for less than P100 ($2).

Kapal nga lang din talaga ng mukha nun seller sa Sulit. May receipt pa talaga? Really?!

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