Sunday, November 18, 2012

Getting back on track

I sincerely apologize to myself (and you readers, if ever I do have readers) regarding my hiatus on blogging.

Life got in the way: work, fandom duties, stress... Errr..

I have been on leave (including days off) for 6 days and I'm feeling awesome, although I am dreading going back to work on Tuesday. Pfft. Well, one more day of rest for me. Yay!

Hopefully when I get settled back at work I will find the drive to write/blog again.

I would honestly like to share my thoughts regarding the last Twilight movie (haters gonna hate. Whatever!), as well some other Korean stuff I hoarded last September and October.

I would also like to write about the books (and e-books!) that I have been hoarding these last few months.

Speaking of books, if you live somewhere in Metro Manila (Quezon City to be exact); have you heard about National Bookstore's Warehouse Sale?

Ohmegherd! I kept going back there for 3 days!

The first day, I (together with my brother and friend) went to the wrong sale area. We initially thought it was inside the NBS in QAve, but apparently, it was being held on the 4th floor which literally looked like a warehouse. I did manage to buy 5 somewhat cheap books.

On the second day, we (I and my brother) found the real warehouse sale. Unfortunately it was early evening already and we were all tired already so I no longer bothered to queue to pay for what I had. I'm still peeved that someone stole the Something Blue book I was holding.

On the third day (which is today), we went there as early as 10:30 am. Finds weren't as awesome as the ones from the days prior; but still good, if not great.

The most expensive book we got was P200 ($4). The book happened to belong to my brother. The most expensive book I got was P100 ($2) which is The Red Garden by Alice Hoffman.

Hello? Alice Hoffman is awesome. P100 was worth it. Although, I'm not saying that that's what I'm only willing to pay for her books. But for prices that averages P30-50, P100 was expensive. LOL.

I do hope I get to read what I got. I'm a book hoarder. I actually have 80 books on my shelf that I have not read. Then I had to add 11 more. Hahaha.

I bid adieu for now. Photos of my hauls are below if you're curious about what I got from the first day and today at the warehouse sale.;)

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