Thursday, February 21, 2013

Peripera and Clio now available in the Philippines!

I've tweeted about seeing the Peripera and Clio display racks in Watsons SM Makati last December, but only til today did I get the chance to take pictures like an undercover agent.

Do they allow people to take pictures of products in Watsons? I honestly don't know.

Most places/shops I go into do not allow taking pictures.O_o

Anways, this is just FYI if you guys here in the PI are interested to know. LOL.

I have not tried any items from Peripera yet; but basing on prices of items I chance to see in online shops, safe to say that the Peripera items are close to Korean retail price. I recommend getting Peri's Tint and I Love BB Cream.

As for Clio, I am unsure about the price comparison. I think the average is P500+ depending on the item. They have a mascara/eyeliner set for less than P700 though.

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