Friday, February 8, 2013

Sharing last Christmas' gift idea

LOL. I know Christmas was 2 months ago and I was supposed to this post awhile back but life got in the way as always sooooo... hahahaha.

I rather love giving gifts to girls (since I am one).

Since I've gotten obsessed with Korean cosmetics, I thought about giving my girl friends and cousins goody bags of Korean items?

Well, I have a number of girl friends and giving them a full sized item that probably would not like or end up using would be a waste (and expensive for me!).

I thought about doing a Christmas stocking of sorts and go the miniature way. Haha.

So scoured the world wide web to find a seller of Korean cosmetics and skincare that has a variety of items (and) that are not overpriced. I swear there are a lot of sellers there who sell samples for more than what they really cost.

This is where I stumbled upon GailyGirl on Ebay.

She happens to have an assortment of sample/miniature sized items. Others that I have not found from other sellers.

So yeah, back to the gift ideas.

I bought some sheer pouches from Landmark; however, they are cheaper if you get them from places like Divisoria.

So I filled out the pouches with the sample goodies I got from GailyGirl.

For each pouch I placed one set of Toner and Emulsion (Missha Night Repair, Etude House AC Clinic, and Skinfood Waterberry), or a Missha Cherryblossom foam cleanser, or an Etude House body wash  plus a random satchet of whatever sampler I have of.

I asked my girl friends to just randomly get a pouch that they like.

See? This beats the generic gift way of gifting! Hahahaha.

For my cousins I added a bit more like the Tony Moly Tony Tint and mask sheets.

Not sure if I'll be doing this again next Christmas which is 9 months away! LOL.

I really did have fun doing this. And I hope you do too when you get the chance.^^

GailyGirl has been around for a few years now. Miss Abegail (the owner) is very accomodating and responds to queries fast. She has a variety of items from satchet samples to full sized bottles. Most of her items are Korean and are authentic. She has a few US items as well.

I will definitely buy from her again when I get the chance.

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