Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sharing My Thoughts: It's Skin Lady-Holic BB Cream

Last November, I had the chance to try one of It's Skin's BB creams from the Lady-holic line.
As usual, it was an impusilve buy. I'm quite lazy to delve more deeper in Google. If I don't see a review on the first few pages then no one has bothered to review this product.
Product Description (taken from koreandepart. Forgive the Engrish):
* Easily stick to skin and displays it lively
* SPF20, PA++
Let's see if it lives up to its description:
The Its Skin Lady-holic BB cream comes in a 30ml inverted (nozzle at the lower part) squeeze type tube, small enough to fit your every day make-up pouch. I got this for less than P300/$6 (not sure if it's P275 or P295) from Kkochipida.
It has 2 shades; #1 Nude Beige and #2 Pink Beige.
Shade #1 is more yellowish while shade #2 is more pinkish. That is what you see in the picture from Its Skin.
In my opinion, I suppose it is pink but has more of a graycast.
Since it is in an inverted tube (no pump!) it gets quite messy.
The BB cream itself is more on the runny side than creamy. Albeit, runny would be Mizon's Snail Repair BB cream. Since it is runny, it's pretty easy to apply. Dot, dot, dab, dab, spread. Viola! You're set to go.
It has SPF20 and PA++. SPF20 doesn't do much especially living in a tropical country like mine. Again, the higher the SPF to better sun protection (then again, they more reflective the BB cream will be when used with flash. Haha).
It is light. Coverage is pretty much so-so. It doesn't hide much of the dark spots on my face. Layering would probably just end up with the effect of another better BB cream with one layer. Does that make sense?
For example, 2 layers of the Ladyholic BB cream is equivalent to a layer of Mizon's Snail Repair BB cream.
It did even out my overall face color (save for the dark spots) so that's a good thing; however, that's only a short-lived gratuity as it only lasted for a few hours. When I say few, I mean 3 hours tops.
I do not like reapplying products. I'm lazy like that. But wouldn't you rather use something that lasts at least 8 hours?
I've used this a number of times and it never lasts more than 3 hours. (>.<)
Oil control is so-so as well. Well, I don't remember any promises of oil control anyway, so there's no point in ranting about it.
Overall, this product appears to be a tinted moisturizer disguised as a BB cream. Haha. Most likely to be used for a quick trip indoors, in an airconditioned environment. This will be pointless to use outside when the sun is out.
What I do like about this BB cream is the smell. This BB cream smells awesome! It has this powdery scent that I oh so love. Again, I have nothing against scented products.
It also did not break me out. Thank goodness! I already have enough pimple problems.
Oh, I have oily-combination skin. This may give a different effect to those who have dry skin. It may last longer on you.
Easy to apply
Evens out my skin tone
Smells awesome
Did not cause break outs
Price, but you get what you pay for
Has SPF20 PA++ (because atleast you get sun coverage, but not so much)
Lasts for 3 hours tops
Doesn't cover dark spots
You need to layer it just to get the effect of other BB creams like the Mizon Snail Repair BB Cream
No pump! Inverted tube is messy and wastes product
Recommendation: Well, if you're one of the following-
*New to the world of BB cream and would like to test out something light
*You're a teenager (say 13-17 years old) because your faces are still "fresh"
*If you have dry skin, I believe this will cling to your skin type and will last longer than it did mine
Will I repurchase?: Obviously not. Although, please don't let me stop you from getting this. Do read the recommendation above. It may have not worked for me, but it may work for you.^^
My sincere apologies for the position of the pictures. I'm blogging via Blogger's Android app and this is the best I can do. Blogger doesn't load when I use it via my phone's browser. I'll try my best to remedy this when I find time at home.:)

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